M. Sattu Pali

M. Sattu Pali joined Forum Adil Sejahtera (FAS) in Jakarta after completing his law study in Christian Indonesia Paulus University in Makassar in 1995.

As an activist, he actively assists and advocates farmer and labor communities in Indonesia. As the founder of labor organization named "Independent Labor Union/Association of Independent Labor Union, M. Sattu Pali was once a member of the Central Board of Indonesian Prosperity Labor Union (SBSI) (1997-2004) where he specifically addressed issues related to labor laws and organization. He also completed courses in Basic training Facilitator Education (Batra), training organizer trainer (TOT) and training for trainer (TFT). Recently for Alfonso and Partners, he has been handling Constitutional cases and State Administrative Disputes.

Prior to his joining to Alfonso & Partners, he worked for Jhonny Sembiring & Partners, TOPADATINDO Law Office Jakarta, founded the law firm "BRAS, GANS Law Office Jakarta" and, most recently, was director of labor affairs at "Klinik Hukum Merdeka " in Jakarta.

Area of Expertise

Constitutional and Administrative Law
Labor Law
Agrarian Law